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Fun Facts


  • Eden grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and had a pet raccoon named Rhonda.

  • Her mother and grandmother were born in Darjeeling, India (near the Tibet/Nepal border).

  • Eden is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic. She sees energy and can visually see dis-ease within the human body.  

  • At the age of 20 she was a founding team member of a dot com company that had a $240 million IPO on NASDAQ.

  • Eden has been a guest expert on The Today Show, CNN Open House, Fox Morning News, The Tony Danza ShowiVillage Live, Forbes TV, and more. She's even been in People Magazine and her company featured in TIME. 

  • At one time, Eden was a competitive salsa dancer and taught latin dancing.

  • She was in a (divinely purposeful) car accident that had her flip and roll an SUV - going 65 miles/hr - nearly 200 feet down the highway. It took firefighters 45 mins to get her out of the tangled wreck after they were sure she had died. It was the catalyst for her awakening. 

  • Eden has been taught by elder shamans of the Shipibo, Q'ero, Kogi, Balinese, First Nations, and Native American wisdom traditions.

  • She was once in the Canadian wilderness, and had a (very real, very big) timber wolf show up and sit by her side all night to protect her. Years later she came to learn that Wolf has always been her Spirit totem animal, and she is now the proud mama to a wolf hybrid she calls Shai'ya Ray. She fund out years later that "Shai'ya" in Hebrew means "Gift from God". 

  • She has personally guided more than 900 people in sacred ceremony, and has taken more than 60 people on private spiritual trips to places like Peru, the Amazon, and Bali to sit with indigenous and find their own Truth.

  • Her daughter's name means "Eagle Love"and her son's name means "Sun Wisdom".

  • She and her husband run The Sanctuary: Center for Awakening Consciousness, a 3 acre healing retreat center (and macadamia nut farm!) in Southern California.

  • Eden is currently in process of building a new Temple Dome on the property, which will open to for private work and retreats sometime end of 2020!

During Eden's 12-year career as a co-founder and CEO of multi-million dollar companies, she was featured in over 100 national magazines and TV appearances, from NBC's The Today Show and CNN to People magazine, TIMEGlamour, and INC. magazine.

A rapid series of challenging life-changing events – including a divorce, a near-fatal car accident that left her in physical rehabilitation, and the destruction of her company by unscrupulous investors – collapsed her world as she knew it and drove her deep into an awakening. Feeling broken emotionally, physically, and mentally, she was forced to take a hard look at who she really was.  

Since that time more than 13 years ago, Eden has received direct initiations and studied extensively with indigenous Shipibo curanderos in the Amazon jungle, with master shamans of the Q’ero in the Andes mountains of Peru - a powerful heart-based tribe who were the Pacos (Priests) to the Inca and keepers of Andean Cosmology, a Mamo elder from the Kogi tribe of Columbia, and has sat in ceremony and learned from various Native American and First Nations wisdom keepers. Eden spent two years studying under Hay House author and medical anthropologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo, graduating from The Four Winds Healing the Light Body school, as well as studying under Drunvalo Melchizedek and his School of Remembering / Awakening the Illuminated Heart and the Blue Mystery School with Claudette Melchizedek.  Early on she was also trained as a Reiki Master in the Usui Ryoho tradition and further studied with Vajra Ma and Nisha Bhairavi in the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, among other feminine-based wisdom traditions.  She has since lectured, taught, and shared the gifts of these wisdom teachings to thousands of people in numerous countries. 

In amongst all of this work, she met and married her twin flame, John Germain Leto, and gave birth to their two children - her first as an emergency c-section, the second birthed beautifully as a VBAC at home into water. She holds the view of motherhood as one of her most sacred journeys. 

Eden has spent well over 4,000 hours in her own profound inward journey through meditation, prayer, vision quests, medicine journeys, ashrams, rituals at sacred sites worldwide and direct rites of passage from indigenous shamans, all of which catapulted open her abilities as a Seer of the unseen realms, her gift of hearing and being able to communicate clearly with the world of Spirit, and being able to receive visions and insights into someone's soul lessons and destiny path.

More recently, Eden has been recognized for having the extraordinary gift of
 "x-ray vision" where she is able to visually see and identify dis-ease within the human (or animal) body, similar to how a catscan can create visual images of the human anatomy.  She is currently working with various medical practitioners to deepen her wisdom of the physical human anatomy and is often referred patients / clients to help find the root causes and connections of their illness.

She has been a published author with Clarkson Potter (Random House) and written for countless magazines, including Rodale Publishing's PREVENTION magazine with more that 10 million readers.  She is currently writing her second book, and has cataloged more than 300 pages of her channeled writings and divine teachings (to be released soon)....

Did You Know...

As part of her abilities as a clairvoyant and "seer", Eden was gifted the Quechan name “Chaska Nyawi” by an indigenous medicine man, which means “she who sees as the stars”.  She was also gifted the name "Diamond Wolf" after her exceptional experiences with a wild wolf while in the remote Canadian wilderness, followed by repeated visitations from wolves who became her primary totem (spirit) animal.

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