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Eden is available for private 1-on-1 sessions or 24 hour retreat intensives.
She works with clients all over the world via Zoom online video, or in person at her center in North San Diego, California:
The Sanctuary: Retreat Center for Awakening Consciousness


Sessions could include any of the following:

Soul Readings

Trauma & Wound release

Healing the heart (physical and etheric)

Medical Mediumship (scanning for disease or imbalance within the body) 

Q&A with your Guides / Angels 
Channeled reading
Identification of Core Soul Lessons
Divine Path & Purpose Alignment
Mediumship (messages from loved ones who have crossed)
Shamanic Energy Healing

Relationship Cord Cutting
Chakra clearing and re-alignment

Soul Retrieval and Releasing contracts (akashic records / karmic imprints)
Private training to develop your own psychic gifts, clairvoyance or shamanic skills

Eden also hosts ceremonies, workshops and events that are open to community.  
To be notified about these events, get on the
Private List. 


Follow-up sessions can be 30 mins or 60 mins.

If you feel uncertain, indecisive, or are seeking answers to specific questions or situations in your life such as a relationship, job, a move, finances, or health.  In these sessions, Eden listens with deep compassion and non-judgement to help you find answers.  She opens gateways to bring in divine guidance from your Guides, Angels, Higher Self, the Collective God / Spirit consciousness that is connected to you and your specific journey here on Earth. At times, loved ones who have crossed over can also make themselves known. The soul's journey and original Heart Essence is looked at closely for any patterns, triggers, old wounds, or key life lessons coming into play that need to be aligned or healed for the situation(s). You can ask as many questions as desired within the allotted time frame.

HEALING SESSION (60 to 90 mins)

When you feel stuck, like nothing is "going your way", have a specific situation to heal, or are experiencing heaviness from a relationship, life situation, or traumatic incident (be it recent or from years past / childhood). This type of session is also ideal for women trying to get pregnant, healing from miscarriage, or sexual trauma. 
Work may include releasing energetic blocks and karmic imprints, trauma release, old contracts (akashic records), soul retrieval, cord release from current/past relationships, negative energy (entity) removal, past life exploration, connecting with your Guides/Angels, Soul messages, destiny retrieval, and more.  It is strongly suggested you book your session at a time when you can take the remainder of the day off for integration and rest. Healing sessions done long distance (via Skype) have the same impact and success rate as those done in person - energy and vision have no physical world limitations.  You will also be given exercises and tools to continue the healing / integration post-session.


If you are seeking insights into a specific physical condition or recurring illness within the body. Eden will perform either a full body scan or a localized scan if specific areas are causing physical issues.  Eden is not a medical doctor and therefore will not diagnose any issues found, however - root causes, connections, and detailed descriptions will be provided of the illness or any dis-ease uncovered which can be shared with your primary care physician or holistic practitioner.  At times, holistic remedies are divinely given.  Eden also has a referral network of MD's (licensed general practitioner doctors), Cranial Sacral practitioners, and other skilled bodyworkers and therapists who openly accept patient referrals from Eden and will collaborate with the findings to help provide treatment to restore you to optimal wellness.

Eden has served more than 1,200 people in her intimate healing retreats and sacred ceremonies across North America and abroad.

If you are interested in a powerful and deeply transformative experience, Eden is available to facilitate 1-on-1 or small group ceremonies and healing retreats. These customized retreats last 24 hours, and are highly tailored to your specific needs, intentions, and accelerated transformation. 


Groups for private work can range from just a few people to ideally no more than 12 people to allow for maximum attention to each person.

Eden can facilitate private retreats both at her retreat center home in North San Diego County, CA, or she can travel anywhere in the world.  Within the USA, Eden can also provide a female gourmet chef for exquisitely prepared organic meals, sound healers, and other assistants to create a beautifully restorative weekend for you and your guests.

Please email Eden.


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