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Nourishing The Divine Feminine

A Luxury 8 Day Journey for Women

May 27th* to June 3rd, 2023

Join me on a magical journey that will forever expand your heart, deeply nourish your body, and awaken a new connection to your divine feminine essence.  Connect with the Goddesses of all worlds, shown to us through myths and legends and art and temples. Come deeper into connection with all there is to support your own Feminine power, beauty, and purpose in this world.



As women we hold a lot - in our minds, in our bodies (especially our wombs), and in our hearts.  We straddle the worlds of doing and being, and a lot is demanded of us in this changing world.

What do we do to nourish ourselves?  How do we bring about balance and return to our own Truth - not the reflection others in this world give us (be it from our families, our upbringing, media, social conditioning, imprinted belief systems, religions, our romantic partners, or work)?

Bali is a deeply sensual (sensory) and living prayer field - the creational energy here is rich and powerful.  What you manifest here happens FAST, because she is listening.  

My invitation is for you to re-discover and up-level your own magic and power with the support of Mother Bali.  This is what I am here to support you with.

The intention of this trip:

The intention for this trip is one of deep and profound nourishment.  Not just surface level massages (although those will be available on the regular!), but connect back in to a truth so deep, so profound, so intimately connected with the Divine Feminine Essence that it purifies our blocks, re-ignites our inner fire, and connects us to our purpose.

The purpose of this trip is two fold:


To create a luxurious sacred experience overflowing with beauty that is honoring of your deepest Divine Feminine Self  - one that is ready to be fully embodied, loved, nurtured, and embraced.  Come get loved up!


To create a potent container with Mother Bali and her energies for healing, expansion and embodiment of your highest Divine Feminine expression.  To do this, we can come to understand and connect more fully with the Goddess in all her forms.  Be it in the endless emanations of the Goddesses represented and worshipped through temples, to the prayers and rituals dedicated to the Feminine, to adornment and honoring of the feminine essence that we have so often neglected, forgotten, or ignored.  When she is nurtured, we return to our truth, our compassion, and our power.

This trip is not just a tourist trip — there will be an ebb and flow to your experience to expand, awaken, and connect you more deeply into Mother Earth and Goddess (Divine Feminine) energies…. all through the lens of BEAUTY.  It is my desire to introduce you to Mother Bali’s field and what is possible to co-create for YOUR life when you come into harmony with her.  My life radically changed after we moved to Bali for an extended living experience.  She is a potent healer and can rapidly align your path in this life.  So much can be opened up, revealed, and birthed within her container.   And for this trip, I am offering my gifts and abilities, as needed, in wisdom sharing, rituals and initiations, 1-on-1 support and clearing work, and also some decadent indulgent fun!



My Relationship With Bali...


For decades I felt the call to Bali.  It was a deep yearning to be there, not just because of its lush jungles or stunning vistas, but because of...something.  I didn't know quite what that something was, but I knew I needed to go there.

Finally in 2016 that dream came true when my husband and I, and our two very young children, decided to make the move and see if living in Bali could be right for us.  After several months and dozens of profound heart opening, evolutionary expansions later, we realized living full-time in Bali with young children was a bit more challenging than we had imagined (for reasons of Western convenience), and so we returned back to California knowing full well we would return to Bali as we could.  It felt like home.

Mother Bali has called to me once again for her healing powers, showing me I need to bring a group of women to her for powerful transmissions of wisdom, opening, and heart-centered being.  And when she calls, I listen, because I know magic awaits.


The intention of this trip is to deepen your connection to the world of Spirit by coming to understand - and having powerful direct experiences with - the energies that exist within Bali.  There is the "tourist" Bali - fun restaurants, Instagram-worthy hot spots, fancy drinks, night clubs, yoga scenes, and tourist temples.  But there is another Bali, one that is far more profound. There is a veil that separates the everyday Bali from the one shown to the outside world. It is a bubble - an energy - that has been honored and maintained for centuries by the Balinese Priests and Priestesses and the local villagers.  It is a veil Mother Bali allows you to cross only once you understand how to come into harmony with her, bring true balance to yourself, and learn how to honor and respect tradition.  It is a veil that, once inside, all things shift: colors become more vivid, sounds become alive, your heart is burst open, and you receive the blessings on a near daily basis. You will come into far greater understanding of how a relationship to Spirit works and why living in this way is a life changing endeavor.  

If you're looking for more of a relaxing touristy trip, this is not it.  We'll certainly be doing lots of decadent trips to spas and some stunning restaurants (girl, I'm ALL about luxury and pampering!), but this trip is for women looking to go deeper.  Women looking to take their connection and seeing to the next level and receive new gifts of wisdom by fearlessly saying "YES" to what it is Spirit wants to show you.


I am SO excited about where we get to stay (and play)!  Through personal connections, I have secured an incredible double villa luxury location not usually available to groups.  This is a private residence that is stunning in its attention to detail, luxury amenities, and access to a private River templ   


Dwa Chandra Private Estate

Stay #2

Bambu Indah: Eco Hotel

Another stunning resort location that has been featured in countless design magazine.  This is a unique stay unlike anywhere else.


from prior trips
(some led by John and Eden)

“This was one of my best sacred travel experiences.
Thank you from the heart."

“Eden…you are a living example of how to balance spirit world with earth world …from Ether to Earth. Your brilliance in communication and organization, as well as tuning in to the energy needs of each moment, was a teaching I will never forget. I am so grateful for all you shared in both your words and being.”

“Communication throughout the process was informative and organized. I felt very comfortable in the container you created.”


“Thank you Eden (and John) for calling in each and everyone of us to have this amazing journey! Deep bow to you both 🙏❤️Also thank you to every one that came, I feel such a deep love and connection to each and every person. I just got home to my house this afternoon and it seems Mother Bali has answered my prayers rather quickly! My house will be entering escrow and new beginnings are coming quickly!! I would normally be freaking out, but thanks to knowing how magical this all worked out, I feel I can relax in knowing spirit has already a plan and perfect home in place as I reach out into the unknown. I feel it's all in perfect alignment. Big love to all of you and to Mother Bali ."

“So many small meaningful parts… The combination of energy from everyone in the group was perfect and each interaction was so deep and powerful.”

“Great leaders. Great planning and everything went on without a tremendous amount of chaos, which is unbelievable in this size of a group. Sharing of wisdom was spot on!”

“[John and] Eden put together an amazing, magical experience that fully supported my intention for personal healing. They organized all the details and maintained a consistent sacred container so it was OK for me to turn inward or expand outward, whatever my heart called for in the moment. I wanted a travel experience focused on spiritual development, but not led by a couple of authoritative ‘gurus’. Gratefully, this is what I received. Love to you both!.”

Just as I thought the trip couldn't get any better, with each day it did. It has been one profound experience after the next.

“Your trip was wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing”

“As I have been telling all my friends,

I would do your trip again in a heartbeat!”



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  • This will depend on the number of women attending (minimum 4, max 8) since we are sharing costs between us all on this luxury trip.  Please reach out to Eden directly for pricing.



  • Pick up from the airport (or your hotel if you arrived days earlier) by private English speaking driver 

  • 8 nights accommodation at luxury private resorts (At our first villa you will have a large private bedroom to yourself.  At our second luxury hotel you will have either a private "villa" to yourself or a shared villa, but shared structure will have your own private bedroom space).

  • All breakfast meals, some lunch and dinner meals

  • Deluxe private welcome dinner and reception

  • Transportation to all excursions in air conditioned private van

  • All ceremonies and special private events

  • All entrance fees to temples, parks, sound healings

  • Several spa treatments and massages

  • Private Balinese tour guides

  • Balinese priest for private blessings and bodywork

  • All basket offerings (flowers, baskets, money coins) offered at all temples

  • All dedicated spiritual and emotional support, wisdom sharing, circles, healing rituals and energy work by Eden as needed

  • Special gift basket upon arrival with items you will need on your trip

  • Two group video calls prior to the trip to get acquainted, discuss intentions, begin building the energy and offerings 

  • Assistance understanding the proper prep, what to bring, vaccines, acquiring visas, how to extend your stay, etc.


  • Airfare

  • Some lunches and dinners (such as when you’re on your own free time)

  • Additional massages or healings you choose to do during free time

  • Additional meals or services you need from the villa or hotel (extra meal, laundry, etc)

  • Travel health insurance (should you choose to get it, optional)

  • Transportation back to airport upon departure, or to your next hotel should you choose to extend your stay (but transport can be arranged for you by our local helpers).


  • There is only one international airport in Bali:  You fly into Denpasaar, which is the Ngurah Rai International Airport (airport code DPS).  It is a very modern, large airport.  OUR STAFF WILL PICK YOU UP NO MATTER WHEN YOU ARRIVE.

  • It is highly suggested you plan to arrive at least 1 day BEFORE the trip begins - so arriving no later than Thursday, May 23rd.  This will give you time to acclimate and rest before we begin.  This means you will need to depart the USA by TUESDAY MAY 21st EVENING due to time difference.


Venmo, Zelle, or check accepted. Payment in full is appreciated (which is then sent directly our hotels, guides, and related experiences to cover the bookings).

If you require a payment schedule, it is as follows:

​- Initial deposit to secure your spot: $1,500 USD

- Payment #2 due March 25th: $2,000

- Payment #3 due April 15th: remaining balance (if there is any)

***PLEASE NOTE:  If you must pay via PayPal, a 2% fee will be added to cover the service fee. 


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