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I was deep in meditation this morning and received the following wisdom. I hope it serves you...

Recognize that many Beings exist on multiple dimensions and frequencies. Some people call it Heaven, some the After Life, some may call it Higher Consciousness or "the other side". Wherever or however you refer to it as, realize it is not their role (at least not the ones based in Truth) to bestow power over you or tell you your future.

Experiences of "Spirit" - or what you may deem as the other realm or God consciousness - should lead you in to experiences of Self that are so unique, so powerful, and so undeniably magical to you that there is no denying the frequencies (aka. multiple realms) that we all exist within. It is not because another Being brought them to you or bestowed grace upon you, but simply that those beings REMINDED you of what you are already capable of - and perhaps if needed - guided and nudged you to that path.

That is the difference between control or force, versus those Beings working to better humanity:

One pushes you to an outcome they want based on their own inherent power. The latter asks you to look inside yourself at your own ability to co-create reality, then nudges, guides, or instructs you on how to create the reality you seek.

Power is never granted TO you, nor is Divine Wisdom. IT IS ALREADY YOURS. It is simply that the layers must dissolve in order for true power to be fully realized within the Self, and for true knowledge to be accessed. Once one has access to this from within, the connection has been made. Forever. From there, the other realm Beings can only guide and lovingly acknowledge and remind you of that connection so you continually choose to react from that place and come back to it, strengthening it each time, with greater force and power and recognition of your own true Power. Without it, they would not be of service.

Peace. ~Eden

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