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Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Perhaps part of maturing who we are as a Woman and Mother is finding that aspect of Self - no matter how deep she is buried - that is unwaveringly fierce in her protection. I'm talking about the part of us that can catapult ourself at a moments notice into a fiercely loving warrior that protects what she loves, what she knows is sacred, and what she knows is worth protecting - without apologizing or asking for permission to do so.

In years past I too often let things slide, looked the other way, or just "let it be" because I was so focused on just being "nice" and "embodying love" and trying to make things be in harmony (you know, the feminine soft sweet stuff, right?). But as I mature more into my womanhood, I'm realizing this fierceness is not only needed, but it is required, in order to hold together our family, our loved ones, and our communities to the moral and ethical standards of Love we hold dear.

Thank you Kali, thank you fierce warrior women, thank you to all of the movements and women with no voice who still stood up. And thank you for all of the women who have come before me who stood in integrity and continue to stand up in this world.

In years past I had to acknowledge to my Self that I was not always in integrity until I healed my deepest wounds and faced my real need for love. But now I know through my maturity and dedication to this Love that this aspect of Self exists: the fierce feminine protector of Truth and all things it loves. It is unwavering in its dedication, protection, and strength.



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