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Updated: Apr 26, 2018

An important step in any spiritual evolution is letting go of what we think the world is, and being open to something new. The key with experiencing something new is that we can’t know what that “new” is. It’s new. It has not been experienced before, so it likely won’t come from something we already know. It requires a willingness to let go of everything we believe to be true, in order to allow something greater to come through.

Years ago I clearly set the intention to understand Truth: the Absolute truth of who I am, and asked the powers that be to show me. From meditation to shamanic journeys to sacred plant medicine, I have been lovingly forced to surrender my beliefs - over and over again - and how I've constructed my views of Self, the Earth, Creation, who we are, and our greater purpose. Just as I think "Ah ha! I think I understand this all now...." I get a pretty swift tap upside the head and shown yet another layer, yet another aspect of who we are, and receive yet another divine download that pushes my comfort zone of what I thought to be true.

To me its Creator's most artful cosmic joke: we're never really shown the full truth, only what serves us in the moment.

The question then becomes: how tightly are you holding on to what you think is your Truth?

No matter how much "spiritual" work we've each done or how open hearted we may be, we need to be careful not to get so comfortable in our beliefs that we cut ourselves off from the gift of continual deconstruction.

We all like to think we have a handle on what existence really is - it helps us define our beliefs, helps us feel safe, and gives us comfort to know who we are in relation to this world we live in. But we are given wisdom and experiences, and in turn base our beliefs on, whatever our Essence is needing at that moment in time. Each belief and each experience is a breadcrumb leading us to the next opening, the next awakening or the next epiphany calling us closer to Home.

If you're really seeking spiritual evolution, be willing to think - even for a moment - "what if my beliefs and all of the beautiful wisdom I've been shown isn't absolute Truth, but rather just a stepping stone to something even bigger?"


P.s. If this helps, here is what I often repeat in meditation (but be careful what you wish for!) “As a divine being of free will, I am choosing to remember my original Essence. I am asking to remember my connection to the unlimited universe based in Love. I am willing to surrender my beliefs so I can remember the absolute truth of Who I Am”.

The wisdom won't happen all at once, but trust each experience is leading you to exactly where you want to go.


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